Louis Walsh puts groups under curfew

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  • 3 September 2012
Louis Walsh

Louis Walsh

Louis Walsh has placed his 'X Factor' hopefuls under a curfew while they are in Las Vegas

Louis Walsh has placed his 'X Factor' hopefuls under a curfew.

The Irish music mogul has taken the Groups to Las Vegas for the Judges' Houses stage of the competition but they have been told they must be in their hotel rooms by 10pm as show bosses don't want any wild behaviour or partying following Prince Harry's recent headline-grabbing antics in the famous US city.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "The acts were excited - some of them haven't been to the States before and they wanted to go into the bright lights of the big city.

"Louis has already said that his acts are 'not here to party'.

"They were told they had to be back at the hotel by 10pm.

"After the photos of Prince Harry naked in his Vegas hotel room recently, bosses did not want the same happening with their acts.

"The acts must remember this is a family show and they can't be seen in compromising situations.

"The groups were disappointed, but on the last night there may be more of a chance for some supervised fun - once the hard work is out the way."

Louis - who is being assisted by Sharon Osbourne as he selects his finalists - recently admitted he wants all his acts to be completely committed to the show.

He said: "I like them to care about the music and be 100 per cent professional.

"I wouldn't have time for someone who is hungover."

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