Tracy Barlow to woo Ryan Connor?

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  • 2 September 2012
Tracy Barlow

Kate Ford

Tracy Barlow will begin seducing Michelle Connor's drug-addict son Ryan in a forthcoming 'Coronation Street' storyline

Tracy Barlow seduces Ryan Connor in order to get back at his mum Michelle.

The 'Coronation Street' superbitch's latest scheme sees her woo arch rival Michelle's son in a jealous rage after she discovers the Rovers Return barmaid has moved back in with her ex-husband Steve MacDonald.

The devious brunette accepts a job at the kebab shop in order to get closer to the youngster, who is flattered by Tracy's advances and ends up spending the night with her.

Actress Kate Ford who plays Tracy on the ITV1 show told InsideSoap magazine: "Michelle can't believe her eyes - this really is her absolute worst nightmare.

"She's spent all this time trying to get Ryan off the drugs and firmly back on the straight and narrow, and then she finds him with Tracy. It's brilliant!

"Michelle is really worried that Tracy will be a bad influence on Ryan, or that she's just using her son to get at her and he'll be hurt."

Kate admitted that although Tracy's main motivation is revenge and she enjoys winding up Michelle, she soon begins to find herself attracted to the former drug-addict.

The actress explained: "At the moment, Tracy's just enjoying this situation she's created. She's getting to sleep with this beautiful boy, and can see that Steve and Michelle are totally wound up about it - which is exactly what she wants...

"Every time Tracy manages to wind up Michelle, it's a dream come true for her!"

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