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Sarah David on student clubbing and Sub Club

DJ, co-owner and promoter of Third Door, Sarah David on the beauty of student nightlife

So here you are. You are about to embark on this incredible journey of discovery. You want to hunt out fresh and exciting experiences, to meet and embrace new people and to embark on the next chapter of your life … oh … er, yes and, of course, study. You are here for the pursuits of all types of knowledge … one of them being the seeking out of new music. You crave fresh beats, new sounds, flashing lights and long to be one of those dark silhouettes lost on a euphoric dancefloor in some sweat-dripping, bass-heavy boogie box. Well, you certainly will be spoilt for choice. Whereas Glasgow does boast a somewhat superior and exquisite selection of clubs – you only have to say the word Sub Club for most veteran clubbers across the country to begin to salivate – Edinburgh, even though it has downsized greatly through fires, closures and developments, can essentially offer a more worldly selection.

From discos to nightclubs, Edinburgh and Glasgow are fast establishing themselves as spots for destination clubbing. Scotland is alive with music, and the burgeoning bank of home-grown talent grows year by year to make this an ever-changing, exciting and fresh soundscape. With some of the most friendly, up-for-it crowds (and they certainly are not afraid to voice it!), the experience you will gain from wandering the streets, running the gauntlet of flyers, discount passes and wristbands to discover where you will finally hang your hat and call your musical home makes it is well worth the journey. Happy travels!

Club venues in Glasgow
Club venues in Edinburgh

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