Simon Cowell to return to X Factor

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  • 28 August 2012
Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell will return to 'The X Factor' in the UK "in some guise," according to Executive Producer Richard Holloway

Simon Cowell will return to 'The X Factor' "in some guise."

The show supremo left the judging panel of the UK show in 2010 to concentrate on the US version, but those behind the scenes have confirmed he will appear in some form in the forthcoming series.

The show's Executive Producer, Richard Holloway, said at the Edinburgh TV Festival Simon will appear "in some guise, somewhere" in the series.

When asked for more information, he added: "Well, that would be giving it away, wouldn't it?

"That's all I'm prepared to say - it's not as a hologram."

Simon has already been filmed for the show telling the judges - Gary Barlow, Nicole Scherzinger, Tulisa and Louis Walsh - which categories they will mentor in this series, but he is believed to be in line for another, more significant role, appearing either in person at the live shows or via video link from Los Angeles.

Richard added to the Daily Mirror newspaper:: "He moves over [to America] lock, stock and barrel, he stays there. He doesn't like to-ing and fro-ing across two continents."

Earlier this month it was claimed Simon will not return to the UK show as he suffers jetlag from all the transatlantic flights, and doesn't like how he looks on TV afterward.

A source said: "Simon hates the way his face looks when he's jet-lagged and that's the real reason he will never be back.

"When he's tired he gets bags and dark circles under his eyes and he hates that. The air-con on the plane also really dries out his skin. When he gets off a plane, he wears sunglasses to hide his eyes."

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