Ryan Connor's drug problems to become worse

'Corrie' actor Sol Heras admits his on-screen mother Kym Marsh's woes are about to get a lot bigger when his character Ryan's drug problems become worse

Kym Marsh

Kym Marsh plays Ryan's mother

Sol Heras has admitted his 'Corrie' character's problem with drugs are about to get worse.

The actor - who plays trouble maker Ryan Connor - has seen his character go off the rails since he started taking drugs at university and he admits he is unlikely to kick his habit any time soon.

He said: "Things could get much worse for Ryan. Who knows what he'll involve himself with next? I think it will take something big to make it really hit home with Ryan that things have got to change.

"But he doesn't see it as a problem. He thinks he's in control of it, that it's just like taking a little boost of confidence."

The newcomer - who arrived on the street earlier this year in July - admits he loves his character's storylines so far which recently saw his mum Michelle hand him into police when she caught him with drugs.

He told Soap Life magazine: "It's great. I've barely slept since I started but I'm not complaining because every day I come in and the storylines are never dull. Ryan's got so many different things going on it's never going to get boring."


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