China beckons for Scots artists

  • 24 August 2007

Three Perthshire artists are to have their work showcased at a major art exhibition in China next month. The event will mark the first formal visit to the country by Scottish artists, after Perth and Kinross Council was asked to participate in the Qi Baishi International Cultural Festival. Shona Leitch, Claire Harkess and Ryan Hannigan will represent Scotland, displaying a total of 22 large works and around 100 smaller pieces.

Provost John Hulbert said they were invited by Xiatan University’s Baishi Institute. “This is a major exhibition in China and will be attended by some of China’s greatest living artists and other high profile members of the cultural community. In a world that has become very small over the past few decades, it is easy to forget that there are still such hugely different ways of seeing the world and of thinking about the world.” Two council officers and a representative from the Scottish National Gallery will join the artists.

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