Emmerdale's Jai in 'web of lies'

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  • 24 August 2012
Chris Bisson

Chris Bisson

Chris Bisson admits his 'Emmerdale' character Jai has "dug himself a big hole" after telling a "web of lies" about his cheating

Chris Bisson says his character is paying the price for "his tangled web of lies."

The 'Emmerdale' actor plays love cheat Jai - who has landed himself in trouble after cheating on Charity with Rachel who is now pregnant with his child - and he says his character would be in huge trouble if his wife ever found out the truth.

He said: "Jai's having a baby with the wrong person. He's dug himself a big hole ... He's paying the price for the whole tangled web of lies.

"Obviously everyone's waiting for the Charity-find-out moment. What she'll do is anyone's guess, but the longer it goes on the more dramatic it will be. We've all talked about how Charity would react and whether there'd be any way of Jai and Charity staying together once she knew. I think probably not."

The 37-year-old actor admits Jai is confused as he's longed for a child but Charity has always refused and he says he is "horrified" when it's revealed in the pub that Rachel is expecting.

He told Soap Life magazine: "He's sitting with Charity when the news breaks. It's awful. Charity suggests that Rachel get a pregnancy test because she's been ill and not pulling her weight at the cleaning job, then Dan notices she's only drinking water and blurts out, 'You're not sick, you're up the spout!' The whole pub is speechless. Rachel and Jai are horrified."

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