The Vaccines want to keep making albums quickly

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  • 23 August 2012
The Vaccines

Justin Young

The Vaccines "don't understand" why bands take such long breaks between releasing albums

The Vaccines "don't understand" why bands take so long to make albums.

Singer and guitarist Justin Young cannot believe groups take extended breaks in between records because he enjoys making music at every possible opportunity and his own band have released two albums in under two years.

When asked if he thinks other bands are lazy, he replied: "Not lazy, but I don't understand what people are doing with their time. It's not long since I was working as a removals man and craving any second I could get with my guitar.

"Now I wake up in a hotel at midday, my guitar is sat next to my bed and all I have to do before going onstage at 10 o'clock at night is play it. Why the f**k wouldn't I?"

While Justin loves performing, he is aware he's not the best lyricist in the business and admits some of his words are "quite clunky", but he believes other songwriters try too hard to be "clever" when penning hits.

He added to NME magazine: "I'm aware that people have picked up on 'Post Break-Up Sex' as a song with quite clunky lyrics but they're internationally and knowingly dumb. People shouldn't try to be too clever with their lyrics - good rock 'n' roll is primitive and primal and reckless.

The Vaccines

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