The Blu-Ray war continues

  • 23 August 2007

Early adopters may be wincing at their Blu-Ray players after Paramount and Dreamworks Animation announced they would only be releasing content on HD DVD. It’s also something of a kick in the teeth for Sony who are pitching their Playstation 3 as a viable standalone Blu-Ray player as well as a games console. However, it has also been announced that Steven Spielberg’s films for Paramount and Dreamworks will not be format exclusive. The move is the latest development in the murky battle between the competing formats. Figures suggest that Blu-Ray is currently outselling HD DVD by two to one, though HD DVD proponents claim this is due to the skewing effect of so many Playstation 3’s being purchased. Worryingly for the manufacturers, downloading of content is also picking up pace and may have taken over before the format war is won.

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