Staff Benda Bilili - Bouger Le Monde (4 stars)

Staff Benda Bilili - Bouger Le Monde

Second album from disabled musicians from Democratic Republic of Congo

(Crammed Discs)

The story of Staff Benda Bilili is an inspiring one: four disabled musicians from the Democratic Republic of Congo who formed a band with homeless teenagers, rehearsing in Kinshasa zoo and playing on the streets until their discovery by producer Vincent Kenis. Success hasn’t divorced them from their roots: they continue to live in Kinshasa and have founded a school for disabled kids.

This second album is a polished and punchy affair, but no less charming and idiosyncratic than their hit 2009 debut, Très Très Fort. The rhumba rhythms and soulful melodies lift the soul, while the seven vocalists bring much character. And of course, there are Roger Landu’s wailing tin can and string solos, sounding like Hendrix at 45 rpm.

Staff Benda Bilili - "Bouger Le Monde" (new album preview)

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