Music Language Festival 2012 - a weekend of music, art and partying in Glasgow

Music Language Festival 2012 - a weekend of music, art and partying in Glasgow

Conquering Animal Sound

Alasdair Roberts, Richard Youngs, Happy Particles and Conquering Animal Sound

Music Language sees Scotland’s finest DIY promoters Cry Parrot and Tracer Trails team up once more for a giddy weekend of underground music, art and partying. Keen not to repeat themselves, the organisers have opted for a completely fresh line-up, consisting largely of acts who have emerged within the past 12 months. Any artists who appeared last year, such as folk magus Alasdair Roberts or avant-songsmith Richard Youngs, are doing so within new collaborative contexts, explains head Parrot Fielding Hope.

Among the artists appearing are SAY award nominees Happy Particles and Conquering Animal Sound, post-dubstep magician Dam Mantle, demonic Lynchian jazzbos Tut Vu Vu, and a raft of hot new acts, from punky-Afro duo Sacred Paws to shoegazing goth fiends The Downs. An eclectic music policy sees lo-fi indie bands shake down with ghetto fabulous house acts, and noise-rockers do the watusi with rapturous folkies.

The festival will be returning to the Yorkhill/Finniestoun area, with the 78 cafe-bar and warehouse arts space SWG3 hosting Saturday’s shindig. On the Sunday, Music Language branches into the city’s southside, taking over Victorian school-building turned community centre Kinning Park Complex, and ‘bonkers country and western themed social club’ the Grand Ole Opry. ‘The southside of Glasgow has been a hotbed for communal creativity for some time’, says Hope, ‘Whenever we’ve seen gigs in those surroundings, the atmosphere is incomparable to any other spaces both in or around Glasgow’.

Hope also promises guerilla gigs, courtesy of generator punks Winning Sperm Party, and after-parties in as-yet-undisclosed locations. ‘We want to make sure the music at the festival is presented in the most engaging and stimulating environments possible. Personally I find the concept of a band-on-a-stage-in-a-venue can be tiring and uninspiring at times, so seeing live music removed from its traditional context can be a really exciting, eye-opening experience’.

Various, Glasgow, Sat 1 & Sun 2 Sep

Music Language Festival

A festival of live music from Cry Parrot and Tracer Trails celebrating the Scottish underground indie scene featuring the likes of National Jazz Trio of Scotland, Eagleowl, Vars of Litchi, Konx-om-Pax, Ela Orleans, Flaccid Haus, P6 & Skitter, Jer Reid, Stevie Jones & friends, Noma, The Cosmic Dead and many more in…

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