Arches LIVE 2012 presents programme of new and experimental work

Arches LIVE 2012 presents programme of new and experimental work

Dance, live art and theatre events at Glasgow's Arches

When she speaks to The List in anticipation of this year’s Arches Live festival, artistic director Jackie Wylie is immersed in the Edinburgh Festival, at which her theatre is presenting a couple of productions. One that comes up in conversation is Kieran Hurley’s Beats, a show which has magnetised awards and good reviews since it was originally staged at Arches Live. It is, says Wylie, a prime example of the type of work the annual emerging artists festival is seeking to uncover: ‘something which looks hard at different ways of thinking about the world.’

Wylie flags up the sheer wealth of varied new work on show every night and mentions a few of the more attention-grabbing pieces: Victoria Bianchi’s ‘God Loves a Trier’, which, inspired by the idea that society is obsessed with quick fixes, sees the actress try to complete all the past endeavours she gave up on; deaf youth theatre Solar Bear’s collaboration with Tigerstyle, about being inspired by music through sensation rather than hearing, a modern Evelyn Glennie with a hip hop soundtrack; and Harry Giles’ ‘What We Owe’, a ‘one-on-one counselling piece’ which invites the participant to examine the debts in their life - the financial, the personal and the emotional.

‘We didn’t intend it this way,’ concludes Wylie, ‘but there’s a lot of political work this year, or at least "little p" political in that they deal with identity politics and how they relate to wider issues, rather than big ideological statements about left and right. There’s definitely a sense of disillusionment amongst the young artistic community, which is now resulting in a lot of work that’s really quite angry about the situation these artists have inherited.’

Arches, Glasgow, Tue 18–Sat 29 Sep.

Arches LIVE

A selection of the boldest new work being created across the country encompassing a selection of formats including experimental performance, narrative theatre, one-on-one experiences, live art, visual art and more.

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