Tom Bancroft: Trio Red - First Hello to Last Goodbye (3 stars)

Tom Bancroft: Trio Red - First Hello to Last Goodbye


Bancroft-led trio's new album subtly showcases folk-infused melodies and a knack for classic balladry

Led by Scottish drummer Tom Bancroft, Trio Red’s impressionism can be so subtle it’s barely there, but at its best, their thoughtful exploration of space and tiny sonic detail is as emotionally affecting as it is musically intriguing. A mash-up of Joan Armatrading’s ‘Opportunity’ and Ornette Coleman’s ‘Lonely Woman’ deftly balances stillness and abstract movement, with Cawley’s airy piano suspensions and Bancroft’s delicate shuffles threatening to drift off into the ether, only to be pulled back by divertingly odd Monk-via-John Cage prepared piano clunks and Zanussi’s slurred bass figures. Bancroft’s love of Celtic folk infuses the graceful melodies of ‘The Locksmith’ and ‘Quiet’, while his homage to Rickie Lee Jones, ‘Don’t Break Your Heart’, shows his knack for classic balladry.

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