Crate Digging - Teamy

Crate Digging - Teamy

The Wrong Island DJ gives a peek at his record collection ahead of the club night's fifth birthday

He might live in London now, but Teamy still makes it back for his great monthly party Wrong Island at Sleazy’s. Here he chooses five of his best for their fifth birthday.

First up is Shirley Lites ‘Heat You Up, Melt You Down’ (West End Records). It’s one of those quintessential records that I never get tired of, I’ve had it in my head all week actually. It’s from 1983, and it’s a great example of the point where disco started to get more synth-based and moved off into things like freestyle and Italo. She fair belts it out. There’s loads of Bobby O tracks that everyone knows like his work with Divine, The Flirts and Pet Shop Boys but Bobby O ‘Givin’ Up’ (BMC) is less well known. It’s from 1983 and it’s got a great bassline and a catchy chorus, though it’s never going to win any songwriting awards.

Lama ‘Love On The Rocks (remix)’ (Carrere) is another one from '83! I know I like music from this period but I’m being really narrow in my selections here. It’s the most fitting track for a piece called Crate Digging though, as I found it in a charity shop for £1 despite it being listed online for £35. Those are the days that make all the dusty fingers and sore backs from hunting in remnant bins worthwhile.

OK, something not 83 now and something of my own, KT Tunstall ‘Uumanaqq Song (Wrong Island’s Cold Summer Remix)’ (online). I’ve been doing some remixes with Aleks from Rubadub and this is my favourite out of the lot [there are more on Wrong Island’s Soundcloud]. In the last week I’ve been in contact with Kate and her management about putting this out soon and they are really enthusiastic about it, so hopefully it’ll be out sometime soon.

Finally, Black Leotard Front ‘Casual Friday’ (DFA) is the best thing DFA have put out, hands down. I could ramble about this track for hours but essentially, it’s perfect.

Wrong Island’s fifth Birthday is at Nice’n’Sleazy, Glasgow, Sat 8 Sep.

Shirley Lites - Heat You Up (Melt You Down)

Bobby O - Giving Up (1984)

Lama - Love On The Rocks (Remix) - italo disco'83

Black Leotard Front - Casual Friday

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