Docherty walks free following police error

  • 22 August 2007

Rock star Pete Docherty has been released from jail after charges of him breaching his bail conditions were dropped. Docherty was arrested in the early hours of Monday morning on suspicion of possessing drugs. His bail conditions for previous drug offences ban him from living in London and require him to have detox treatments. However as police failed to bring their case to court within 24 hours, Docherty has walked free. District Judge Susan Williams said: “Anyone arrested for breach of bail should be brought before the court within 24 hours. Clearly this has not happened in this case and no doubt the police have made arrangements for Mr Docherty’s immediate release.” Metropolitan Police admitted they had made an error but said it would be “inappropriate to go into further detail until the MPS is absolutely clear about the exact sequence of events.” Docherty must return to court on 31 October regarding his arrest on Monday.

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