Pitt remains committed to Hurricane Katrina recovery

  • List.co.uk
  • 22 August 2007

Actor Brad Pitt has been visiting New Orleans, almost two years after the devastating Hurricane Katrina destroyed most of the city. Pitt was visiting the Lower Ninth Ward neighborhood to tour an environmentally friendly family home being built as a prototype by Global Green USA, a charity which Pitt actively supports. Pitt said that Hurricane Katrina was “a man-made disaster” and pledged his allegiance to helping the city recover. The pace of New Orleans’ recovery has dismayed Pitt, who owns a house in the trendy French Quarter of the city with his partner Angelina Jolie. Although some sections of the city have begun the rebuilding process, a shortage of funding has hampered the task. Pitt said the project by Global Green USA could encourage people to rebuild ecologically sustainable houses, and perhaps boost returning residents’ confidence - the house is raised by three feet on concrete pilings, making it above sea level. Pitt said: “We knew we couldn’t bring back the families and friends that were lost, bring back the heirlooms, the pictures. But maybe, in the process of rebuilding, we could build something smarter, and create a better way of life for those people who live here.”

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