The Vaccines' 'knowingly dumb' lyrics

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  • 17 August 2012
Justin Young

The Vaccines' Justin Young

The Vaccines say most people don't realise how "knowingly dumb" the lyrics to their tracks are

The Vaccines say people don't realise how "knowingly dumb" their lyrics are.

The 'No Hope' band have been accused of writing overly simple words for their hits, but they say they are intended to be carefree and purposefully "primitive."

Singer Justin Young said: "I like stupid f***ing clunky lyrics. People probably don't realise how knowingly dumb they are.

"All the pop music I like is young, dumb and primitive. I want to make that kind of music."

Justin also finds writing the music for the band simple, adding: "It scares me how easy I find songwriting. I know we're a great band. I have more focus than I've ever had in my life."

The group - who are about to release second album 'The Vaccines Come of Age' - have had a quick rise to fame, and still find it hard to come to terms with.

Justin added: "I had always looked down my nose at bands I'd seen accelerate too quickly. I always said: 'Oh, I'm never gonna build my house on sand.' But it was absolutely impossible to stop.

Bass player Arni Hjörvar added to The Guardian newspaper: "At the time we were trying to stay in control of it. And I think we felt we were in control. But it feels very different now to how it did then."

The Vaccines

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