Ian Rankin to deliver keynote speech at Bloody Scotland 2012

Ian Rankin to lead workshops at Bloody Scotland 2012

The first book festival dedicated to crime fiction will take place in Stirling this September

It had to happen sooner or later. Given the uncanny and possibly disproportionate ability for Scotland to churn out crime writers by the dastardly dozen, someone somewhere just had to suggest inaugurating a festival wholly dedicated to the felonious form. And here it is in the shape of Bloody Scotland, situated in Stirling, deep in the heart of the nation.

During the course of three capillary-busting days, more than 40 authors will be showing up for events, talks and masterclasses with Ian Rankin (who else, really?) delivering the keynote speech on the opening night. What makes Scottish crime writing so distinctive and what is its relationship to crime fiction around the globe, asks the creator of Rebus? You could call it a rude awakening the following morning as Peter James, Denise Mina and Professor Sheila McLean ponder the notion of evil and consider whether the act of writing crime novels can be seen as a moral pursuit.

Across the weekend are events such as Fresh Blood with new writers to the genre (including John Gordon ‘Gregory’ Sinclair) and Forensics: Return to Scene (featuring Lin Anderson). But who was it that started all this fascination with the streets, alleyways and woodlands of Scotland being bathed in made-up blood? In contemporary terms, many reckon William McIlvanney is the man, with the creation of DI Jack Laidlaw setting the benchmark. In an event chaired by Len Wanner, the very roots of Tartan Noir will be pulled at til they bleed.

Various venues, Stirling, Fri 14--Sun 16 Sep.

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the information displayed here is accurate, always check with the venue before attending (especially during the Covid-19 pandemic).

Bloody Scotland

An innovative festival drawing on Scotland's love of the literary macabre and celebrating crime writing by bringing together leading Scottish and international writers, showcasing debut voices and encouraging new writers. As well as interviews and panels there is a torchlight procession, criminal cabaret, a crime writer's…

Various venues: Stirling

Fri 17 Sep

Times & prices vary

Touching Evil

Peter James, Denise Mina and Professor Sheila McLean discuss evil and the crime novel. Part of Bloody Scotland.

In the Beginning was Laidlaw

An event with the hugely influential William McIlvanney, often called the father of Scottish crime writing, and the creator of DI Jack Laidlaw. Part of Bloody Scotland.

Fresh Blood

Gordon Brown (the Glaswegian crime writer, not the other one) chairs this hour of new crime writing talent, featuring Anna Smith, Sara Sheridan, Frank Muir and John Gordon Sinclair. Part of Bloody Scotland.

Forensics: Return to Scene

Get a taste of the real CSI with Lin Anderson and former detective Andy Rolph. Part of Bloody Scotland.

Ian Rankin

Scottish crime writer Ian Rankin OBE is best known as the creator of John Rebus, an Edinburgh-based detective who has been fighting crime his own way since 1987, with a bit of help from Siobhan Clarke and Malcolm Fox. Rankin is other the author of a play, a graphic novel and numerous short stories. He's won the…

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