Corrie's Rob to make a play for Stella

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  • 17 August 2012
Michelle Collins

Michelle Collins

'Coronation Street's Rob Donovan is set to make a play for Stella Price, even though he is dating her daughter Eva

'Coronation Street's Rob Donovan is set to make a play for Stella Price.

Although the hunky former jailbird has been dating Stella's daughter Eva Price (Catherine Tyldesley), he really has his eye on the Rovers Return landlady, played by Michelle Collins.

Marc Baylis - who plays Rob - said: "He's had his eye on Stella since he arrived. She's a very attractive woman.

"There's chemistry between them. At one point he says, 'Life's too short, let's just be a bit promiscuous'. That's as far as it goes for now, but he can see a twinkle in Stella's eye."

Marc admits Eva is just a temporary distraction while he tries to woo Stella.

He added to What's On TV: "He's just the sort of guy who's waiting for any opportunity to arise. It just so happens he set his eyes on Eva first, was searching for a conquest and she obliged."

Marc also admitted he would love if Rob and Stella embarked on an affair as he thinks they could have a "lot of fun" together.

He said: "To be honest, I think they'd have a lot of fun. They've got similar tastes and they could have an absolute riot, so I don't see why it shouldn't happen.

"Well, I think it'd have to be a very hush-hush affair. And that would add to the excitement..."

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