State Broadcasters - Ghosts We Must Carry (4 stars)

State Broadcasters - Ghosts We Must Carry

Resonant second album wistful pop collective

Released on Glasgow-based label Olive Grove Records, the second album Ghosts We Must Carry from the wistful pop collective has a deep-rooted resonance that pays tribute to many of the fallen heroes that inspired its inception. Opening track ‘The Only Way Home’ tips its hat to the expressive burdens of folk troubadours Sparklehorse and Vic Chesnutt, whose influence populates the album throughout.

Buried beneath melancholic string arrangements and melodic twists, the band’s latest offering is reminiscent of The Delgados at their most mournful and reflective moments. Plaintive horn sections drift in and out, a touch which provides reassuring warmth to a record that carefully wraps itself around the listener, with each track progressively musing deeper into the introspective themes that dominate its lush soundscapes.

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