Cat Power - Sun (4 stars)

Cat Power - Sun

A joyous, illuminating rebirth from the American alt.rock darling

As the title suggests, Cat Power aka American alt-rock darling Chan Marshall is hailing this record as something of a rebirth, and it is a joyous, illuminating thing to behold.

Forgoing her languorous, long-term attachment to Delta blues and Memphis soul in favour of twisted disco (‘Sun’) indie piano-house (‘Ruin’) and sun-bleached swagger (‘3,6,9’), Marshall’s ninth album is full of surprises, for which some credit is due to its mixer Philippe Zdar (Phoenix, Beastie Boys).

Sun’s standout, penultimate track, ‘Nothin’ but Time’ rises and hangs around, warm as the longest day – ten-plus minutes of hope-filled piano-groove plus a twilight Iggy Pop cameo. ‘It’s up to you to be like nobody,’ they sing together. Marshall sounds bolder, and brighter, than ever.


Cat Power - Manhattan (feat Angel Haze) (Ryan Hemsworth remix)

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