Simon Cowell to feature in Punch and Judy Rebooted

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  • 16 August 2012
Simon Cowell in Punch and Judy Rebooted

Simon Cowell in Punch and Judy Rebooted

Simon Cowell is set to feature in 'Punch and Judy Rebooted' as a puppet judge who doles out justice to Punch in court

Simon Cowell is set to feature in 'Punch and Judy Rebooted'.

The 'X Factor' judge has been immortalised as a puppet for the new show - which will air on Comedy channel GOLD's website - where he will serve justice as a judge when Punch ends up in court.

Other stars to get the puppet treatment, to coincide with 'Punch and Judy's 350th anniversary - include Prince Harry, London's Mayor Boris Johnson and politician Nick Clegg.

Steve North, General Manager of GOLD said: "Punch and Judy are quintessentially British and hugely important part of our culture. This project is all about preserving that culture and introducing it to a new generation. It's important to note that this is not a politically correct makeover - indeed the new show is just as anarchic and funny as its always been, it's simply a modern day version with modern day themes that we can all relate to."

John Phelps who co-wrote the new show added: "The challenge was to retain the core knock-about, 'slapstick' appeal which we have all come to know and love whilst modernising the show in a way that would appeal to both kids and their parents. With subject matters ranging in scope from the 'X Factor' to the recession, reality shows and e-bay through to fashion and politics we hope we have achieved that balance!"

'Punch and Judy Rebooted' premiered in Covent Garden, London today (16.08.12) and also starred 'Eastenders' and 'Extras' favourite, Shaun Williamson, as the bottler.

The show will be available to watch on Gold's website at and Gold's Facebook page

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