Harry Hill ended TV Burp on a high

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  • 14 August 2012
Harry Hill

Harry Hill

Harry Hill has confessed he is happy 'TV Burp' ended before it became "s**t"

Harry Hill is happy 'TV Burp' ended before it became "s**t".

The 48-year-old is currently working on a series of new projects including a movie after quitting his comedy sketch show in March and Harry admitted he is happy to have bowed out on top.

He told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: "We'd kind of exhausted it. I think, in the end, we just about avoided it going a bit s**t."

Harry also revealed it was getting more difficult to lampoon TV shows as many of them poke fun of themselves already, although 'EastEnders' is perfect as it takes itself seriously.

He added: You got this new, knowing breed of shows, like 'The Only Way Is Essex', where the jokes were already built in, and there was no leverage for us. Even 'Coronation Street' became jokier. 'EastEnders' was 'TV Burp' fodder par excellence -- it was made in a hurry and it took itself incredibly seriously."

Harry has a number of projects in the pipeline but says following up his popular sketch show will be difficult.

He said: "Following 'TV Burp' is a bit like following 'Dark Side of the Moon'. It's got to be really, really good."

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