Benedict Cumberbatch slams Downton Abbey again?

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  • 13 August 2012
Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch has hit out at 'Downton Abbey' again claiming his new TV show 'Parade's End' is far more sophisticated

Benedict Cumberbatch has hit out at 'Downton Abbey' again.

The 'Sherlock' star has taken on the role of wealthy statistician Christopher Tietjens in new BBC drama 'Parade's End', a compelling tale of thwarted love in First World War England and Benedict says it is more "sophisticated" than rival period dramas.

According to The Sun newspaper, he said: "You rarely see a piece about this class of people that is this accurate, funny and pointed, but also three-dimensional.

"We're not serving purposes to make some cliched comment about, 'Oh, isn't it awful the way there's this upstairs-downstairs divide'."

Benedict has claimed his previous comments, when he insisted 'Downton Abbey' didn't deserve its Golden Globe award because season two was so poor, was a joke.

He said: "First of all, I knew it was the first [season] that it was getting awarded for, so that was the first part of the joke. The second part is that Rebecca Eaton, the executive producer on 'Sherlock' and 'Downton,' is a friend. The third, and probably the most important, is that Julian Fellowes has known me since I was born. Dan Stevens is one of my good friends - one of my closest friends in England - as is Michelle Dockery. There's just no way I would say something like that without it being tongue-in-cheek."


1. msdoyle14 Aug 2012, 12:29am Report

Mr. Cumberbatch is only saying what most of us know, Downton Abbey fell flat in Season II, boring plotline, absolutely nothing to compel the viewer to return to another episode. If a production falls back on its laurels by doing the same thing over again, don't think there are not a whole lot of viewers who are not going to be interested. Kudos to Mr. Cumberbatch for saying it like it is......

2. fairweather14 Aug 2012, 1:31am Report

msdoyle couldn't be more wrong. Season 2 was not boring, but very frustrating as time and again Mary tried to get thru to Matthew about her love for him. He was clueless, or so he let on - during his rehab times with her you could tell he knew she loved him. Anyway, it did get dark, but thankfully the Christmas special took away from all that, and Mary got rid of Carlisle, and Matthew gave him the what for. As for Benedict - it's all show! As he said, he's good friends with the DA crowd and there's plenty of room for both shows. DA is the best show I've ever seen - just need more romance for Mary & Matthew and a wonderful wedding.

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