CID RIM - CID RIM (3 stars)

Cid Rim - Cid Rim

Surprising and pleasing electronica from new LuckyMe signing Clemens Bacher

Pulse-fingering Edinburgh label LuckyMe are once again right on the money with their latest signing CID RIM, the alias of Viennese producer Clemens Bacher, who also earns his keep as live drummer with Dorian Concept. Bacher’s roots lie in jazz as much as electronica, and this album reflects that with a style which seems designed for interactive listening, breaking off into freeform and discordant beat patterns just as a nice ambient soundscape is being built up. It makes for a surprising and often pleasing experience, for example during the smooth DnB snap of ‘Draw’ or the chiming futurist soundscape of ‘Log Out of Bounds’, although a few of the samples which appear chopped-up and repeated over and over in sharp succession do grate somewhat.

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