Roger Gibson & Vince Danks - Harker: The Book of Solomon (3 stars)

Roger Gibson & Vince Danks - Harker: The Book of Solomon

TV is a medium that does police procedurals very well and Harker would slot in nicely alongside the current crop of cerebral shows. The most obvious small-screen comparisons could be made here to Sherlock and Whitechapel, as a mutilated body is found on the steps of a church in London. Enter DCI Harker and his sidekick DS Critchley who take an idiosyncratic approach to solving this grisly murder. There’s also a dash of Hellblazer’s John Constantine as hints of the occult start to creep into the case.

It certainly doesn’t break any new ground but it is tightly paced and genuinely intriguing. Vince Danks’ clean black and white art gives Harker the perfect atmosphere and really emphasises the interplay between the two leads, turning Harker and Critchley into real characters rather than just stock ciphers. The resolution is a tad underwhelming but with a bit more polish plus a few more stories where he can really settle into his groove, Roger Gibson really could be onto something rather special.

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