Matt Smith to star in Doctor Who until at least 2014

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  • 11 August 2012
Matt Smith

Matt Smith

Matt Smith will star in 'Doctor Who' until at least 2014 after being left impressed with show boss Steve Moffat's "brilliant" and "mental" ideas for forthcoming episodes

Matt Smith will star in 'Doctor Who' until at least 2014.

The 29-year-old actor - who is the 11th star to play the titular Time Lord - revealed he wants to remain on the BBC One sci-fi show after programme chief Steven Moffat impressed him with his "brilliant" and "mental" ideas for forthcoming episodes.

He said: "His first episode sounds great. It hasn't been written yet but the idea is as brilliant and as mental as you'd expect from Steven. So there's a lot to look forward to.

"When Steven was going to pitch the next season to me not long ago, he said, 'Are you ready to cry?' "

Matt is currently working on episodes for next year's 50th anniversary of the long-running show, and he has complete confidence in Steven's ability to be able to write "something brilliant" to do the programme's legacy "justice".

He explained: "We want to do 50 years -- and everyone that's been associated with the show -- justice. We want to go, 'Look, world, here is 'Doctor Who'. It's 50 years old, a science-fiction show, still going and going from strength to strength'.

"Steven will do something brilliant. He'll do something grand or maybe something very simple but he'll come to it as a fan. He'll go, 'What would I want to see?' "

Matt replaced David Tennant as the Time Lord in 2010 and while he is enjoying his role now, he admits the pressure when he first took on the iconic part was almost too much.

He added to The Sun newspaper: "If you remember, when I took over, no one thought it would work. I was 'too young'. David [Tennant] had come from a stellar era. I was unknown.

"For a month or two when I started I was like, 'This is impossible. I can't' -- just the pressure of it. Everyone was sort of going, 'Go on, show us what you've got.' I told myself, 'If I can get through this I can get through anything'."

Matt will return as the Time Lord later this autumn.


1. Desariella20 Aug 2012, 6:31pm Report

I can't wait for Series 7 to start. I hope Matt stays for a few more years. I'd like to see him beat Tom Baker's record as the actor to protray the Doctor the longest. (He's already broken Peter's as the youngest)

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