Turbonegro singer refused to be a copy

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 10 August 2012


Turbonegro's new vocalist, Tony Sylvester, refused to copy their last singer, Hank von Helvete, who he replaced in 2011

Turbonegro's Tony Sylvester refused to copy their last singer.

The Norwegian punk group appointed Tony to replace Hank von Helvete last year, and he has since been determined to put his own stamp on the band.

He told RedBulletin magazine: "If you're the new guy in a band, it's important that you do it your way. Another singing style was important for everyone. The same would just be karaoke."

Tony - who's stage name is The Duke of Nothing - was previously Turbonegro's UK press officer and the President of the London chapter of the band's fan club, the Turbojugend, or Turbo Youth, and he says they have some of the most dedicated followers in rock.

He explained: "Our fan club is known as the Turbojugend. It's halfway between a religious cult and the Hell's Angels. They are organised in chapters all around the world from Tokyo to Brooklyn.

"To them, Turbonegro is a drinking band, a celebration. They like to booze and party. If you think the world is a playground, live for the weekend and get into all sorts of trouble, then Turbonegro is probably the right soundtrack for you."

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