Lone & Lando Kal to play on double bill at Sub Club

Lone & Lando Kal

Lando Kal / Photo: Katja Oortman

Futuristic chill-out and hip hop from the Boards of Canada influence and Lazersword man respectively

Either one of the artists appearing on this double bill, the latest to celebrate the Sub Club’s 25th anniversary, would be working us up into a hot sweat, so to have both appearing together surely guarantees Glasgow’s least missable club show of the month. Heading up the bill is a live set from Werk Discs signee Lone, Nottingham’s Matt Cutler, whose futuristic chilled-out sound is heavily influenced by Edinburgh’s own Boards of Canada. He’s not doing interviews between projects, though, so it falls to Lando Kal to sell it to us, as if we needed it.

‘Lando is my middle name actually,’ laughs Berlin-based New Yorker/San Franciscan Antaeus Roy. ‘My parents were huge Star Wars fans. I’m a sucker for futuristic fantasies, what can I say?’ He doesn’t need to say anything, because the smooth, glitching sci-fi hip hop style he presents has as good as told us already. It’s a style not far removed from what the Numbers crew in Glasgow are doing, which is why he’s been friends with them since his first European tour as one half of duo Lazersword, and why the Numbers label’ first release was one of the ‘Sword’s.

He points out that this won’t be a live set, more a DJ one incorporating a lot of his own music, but that will be fine by anyone who’s heard his rich, low-key old school jams on Hotflush or Stillcold. Roy’s been cultivating a solo style he describes as and minimal’ for a while now, but only recently ‘decided to start putting more of an effort into getting my solo material out of hiding. Lazersword’s still in effect but it’s now more of a special project being that we both live on separate continents.’

Sub Club, Glasgow, Fri 17 Aug.

Lone - Waves Imagination (Werk Discs)

Lando Kal - Further

Lone & Lando Kal

An excellent double bill from the Subbie as part of their 25th birthday celebrations, with a live set from Lone (R&S) and DJ action from one half of Lazersword Lando Kal (Hot Flush, Rush Hour).

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