Clubbers decktionary - Disco Edits or Re-edits

Clubbers decktionary - Disco Edits or Re-edits

Tom Moulton

A guide to the myriad genres of clubbing, from Trouble's DJ Hobbes

(Disco) Edits or Re-edits
Proper noun, various styles and tempos: classic (disco) tracks with a contemporary feel, their best qualities enhanced by modern production flair.

While a remix often strips instrumental parts out of an original track, replacing them with new sections, a re-edit utilises all the original parts together in their entirety, augmenting them either by changing the length, deleting certain sections or adding new parts that will work in the mix. Not to be confused with the ‘cut’n’paste’ work of DJs Double Dee & Steinski, Shadow and Coldcut, who elevated editing to another level.

Origins 70s New York producer Tom Moulton is the true originator of the disco 12” remix and its re-edit sibling, while his slightly younger contemporaries, Danny Krivit (in New York), and Greg Wilson (in Manchester) were equally prolific in the late 70s and early 80s, both experiencing late-career revivals on the back of edits they had produced more than two decades earlier. Larry Levan and Ron Hardy mastered the art of the edit while presiding over the dancefloors at New York’s Paradise Garage and Chicago’s Music Box respectively, inspiring countless DJs through the years since. New York’s Kenny ‘Dope’ Gonzalez (Masters At Work), Dimitri From Paris, Londoner Joey Negro, Cambridge’s Idjut Boys, Ray Mang and DJ Harvey have also all been re-editing disco originals since the mid-90s.

Key figures Norwegian DJ Todd Terje is currently considered the don, thanks to releasing countless classy reworks of obscure and much-loved originals since 2005. Glasgow’s The Revenge, also in cahoots with Edinburgh’s Craig Smith as 6th Borough Project, and Birmingham’s Mark E have experienced similar international success creating utterly contemporary sounding re-edits of mainly mid-tempo disco originals in their pitched-down/‘slomo’ style. Glasgow’s Al Kent (Million Dollar Disco) employs a more purist approach, which has won him global acclaim to boot.

6th Borough Project’s album One Night in the Borough is out now on Republic of Music

Instruments of Rapture

House music from The Revenge, named after his label, with 6th Borough Project, Craig Smith and Ali OOFT.

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