Crate Digging: Caspa

Crate Digging: Caspa

The dubstep producer delves into his record bag ahead of his Festival appearance at the Liquid Room

One of my favourite tracks at the moment is my new single Caspa ‘War’ (Positiva), which has got Keith Flint from The Prodigy on it. There’s a Subscape remix, and his remix has everything, it’s dancefloor but it’s not overly cheesy, it’s very heavy but it’s still got its roots. For me it’s one of my biggest tunes at festivals and clubs at the moment.

Next one would be a tune from The Others, ‘The Way You Make Me’ (Dub Police), that should be out soon. It’s just a great tune, it kinda reminds me of if Daft Punk were to make dubstep, it’s very French electro but dubstep. Another tune from a guy with a funny name, Trolley Snatcha ‘Disco Stick’ (white label) – it’s a real heavy dancefloor banger. No compromise. It’s got a really weird sample – it just goes ‘disco stick, disco stick, rock’n’roll’ then it drops. There’s no ifs or buts it’s just a big banging tune.

There’s an up-and-coming singer called Lena Cullen. To me she’s like Florence Welch from Florence + The Machine, but in the electronic world. She has this new tune, ‘When I See You’ (white label), and again it’s produced by Subscape. I think it’s going to be a Top 10 UK chart tune that will come though from the underground, it’s so, so big but it’s only just started doing the rounds. I think it’s going to be huge.

The final one is laidback but it can still work on the dancefloor, it’s from a new artist in the dubstep scene, Mydas ‘What I Do’ (Dub Police). It’s very emotional and deep. He’s very sample-based, very old school and he builds his dubstep tracks that way, so I love this tune to listen to at home as well as to dance.

Liquid Room, 225 2564, 18 Aug, 10.30pm–5am, £12.

Caspa - War (Ft. Keith Flint) (Subscape Remix)

The Others - The Way You Make Me

Trolley Snatcha - Disco Stick

Lena Cullen - Alive

'When I see You' is unfortunately not yet available online.

Mydas - What I Do - Official Video Out Now on Dub Police


Drum & bass and dubstep night.

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