Luke Scrase going mad in BB house

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  • 6 August 2012
Big Brother housemate Luke S

Luke Scrase

Luke Scrase fears 'Big Brother' is making him go mad and thinks being in the house has made him lose his looks

Luke Scrase fears 'Big Brother' is making him go mad.

The 24-year-old fitness fanatic - who missed out on £50,000 in a showdown with Conor McIntyre on Friday (03.08.12) - broke down in tears and told girlfriend Ashleigh Hughes he must be "bananas" to have put himself through the competition.

He said: "It's so embarrassing that there's 70-odd cameras watching me get emotional.

"I'm mad, this is a madhouse. I don't know why I have done this to myself. I've spent two months in a studio, I must be bananas."

Luke is also concerned at what his stay in the house has done to his looks as he has been unable to go to the gym and his usual healthy eating regime has gone awry.

He said: "I feel pale and skinny and I've got long hair. I look rough."

Meanwhile, bitchy Scott Mason feels "stressed" over the divides between the housemates.

He moaned: "I hate it when people divide into groups and then bitch about each other.

"I've been so stressed because I am friends with everyone in this house."

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