Poor Moon - Poor Moon (3 stars)

Poor Moon - Poor Moon

Slow-burning pleasure from Christian Wargo of Fleet Foxes and Crystal Skulls

(Bella Union)

The brainchild of Christian Wargo, also the bassist in Fleet Foxes and guitarist/singer in Crystal Skulls, Poor Moon are more in tune with the rustic charm of the former. Wargo’s new project’s debut album starts at a measured pace, from the cricket-whistling strum of ‘Clouds Below’ to the whispered, marimba-tinkling tumult of ‘Same Way’, and settles into a laidback late-60s groove, which might have been written by Pink Floyd (‘Heaven’s Door’) or Brian Wilson in his spacily detached heyday (‘Come Home’).

Abetted by fellow Fox Casey Wescott among the band, Poor Moon is a slow-burning pleasure based around Wargo’s grainy falsetto and a refreshingly time-locked sense of subdued analogue instrumentation.

Poor Moon - Holiday (not the video)

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