Nguzunguzu - Warm Pulse (3 stars)

Nguzunguzu - Warm Pulse

Decadent mash-up of dubstep’s pace with wide-eyed vision of Aphex Twin

(Hippos in Tanks)

Like the sweeping, flickering Tokyo city-scapes in Sophia Coppolla’s Lost In Translation, LA Duo, Nguzunguzu’s latest EP, Warm Pulse, is an entrancing, night-time foray into the unknown. Slick, cold and unfamiliar, yet curious and engaging on this particular record, Nguzunguzu – pronounced ‘en-goo-zoo-en-goo-zoo’ – take sparse beats, and apt, warm synth pulses to create a decadent mash-up of Dubstep’s pace and the wide-eyed vision of Aphex Twin’s Ambient Works. The eponymous Warm Pulse is built atop sharp, thunder-clap beats and an unholy angel choir and almost conjures the mechanical beauty of Battles’ Gloss Drop while the remaining four tracks are each imbued with the same sonic themes, employing head-bobbing beats but with enough unfathomable limbs and inflections that it’s never going to be a straight listen.

Nguzunguzu - Delirium - from upcoming Warm pulse EP on HIPPOS IN TANKS

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