Anonymously-created book sculptures to tour UK

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  • 4 August 2012
Anonymously-created book sculptures to tour UK

Photo: Chris Scott

Here at List HQ, we adored the anonymous pieces of book art being left at venues around Edinburgh over a nine-month spell last year. Left with the simple message ‘in support of libraries, books, words, ideas,’, the creator remains unknown but the sentiment is pure. Lovely news then, that the mysterious book sculptures will be celebrated as part of a national tour around Scotland. All ten pieces, which were photographed as they were found by photographer Chris Scott, will be displayed together from 17 August in Aberdeen, Dundee, Wigtown, Glasgow and Dunfermline before returning to Edinburgh for Book Week in November.

Scottish Poetry Library Director Robyn Marsack said of the tour: ‘These book sculptures have moved us not only because of their exquisite and intelligent craft, and their tribute to what all of the recipient organisations try to nurture and share, but also because they are the purest of gifts, unrequested and anonymous. They remind us that we are a community that can dream, and nudge the impossible into the actual: a cap of feathers, a glove of bees’ fur.’

The tour will coincide with the publication of a gift book about sculptures, published by Birlinn.

The full tour details are:

Aberdeen Central Library: Friday 17 August – Thursday 6 September

Dundee Central Library: Friday 7 September – Tuesday 25 September

Wigtown Book Festival: The Studio: Thursday 27 September – Sunday 7 October

Mitchell Library, Glasgow: Tuesday 9 October – Saturday 27 October

Dunfermline Carnegie Library: Tuesday 30 October – Sunday 18 November

Scottish Poetry Library: Saturday 24 November – Saturday 8 December

GiftED: The Edinburgh Book Sculptures

Once upon a time in Edinburgh, mysterious sculptures started appearing all over the city. They were made from books of celebrated literature and found in places that were deemed to be 'in support of libraries, books, words, ideas'. Now you can see them all in one place. Watch out for the teeny Ian Rankin references…

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