Becky and Conor exit Big Brother house

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  • 3 August 2012
Becky Hannon

Becky Hannon

Becky Hannon and Conor McIntyre have left the 'Big Brother' house tonight (03.08.12)

Becky Hannon and Conor McIntyre have left the 'Big Brother' house.

Becky was eliminated tonight (03.08.12), after losing out on votes to Luke Anderson, Deana Uppal and Ashleigh Hughes.

In a twist this week, fellow housemates did not nominate each other for eviction but instead their friends and families were responsible.

Becky was the favourite to leave and the crowd outside continually shouted 'Get Becky out' during the live show.

Asked about the reception, the 19-year-old contestant said: "It's fine, I expected that. I've been a gossip and people probably don't like that."

Meanwhile, Irishman Conor McIntyre left the house £50,000 richer thanks to a new challenge.

Conor and Luke S - who have both been in the White Room this week - were given the opportunity to choose between taking the cash or a free pass to the final on August 13.

If neither of them had chosen the money they would have been forced to take part in a task that would decide who wins the free pass to the final.

Conor chose the money and emerged £50,000 better off than when he went in.

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