DJ Sotofett is coming to Glasgow

DJ Sotofett to perform in Glasgow

Disco-infused house and techno from Norway

There’s something of the international man of mystery about DJ Sotofett, who prefers not to tell us his name, his age or the meaning of his alias (‘it might sound like a bad joke if I try to translate’). Why so shy? ‘It’s not that I’m against it,’ he says, ‘but there’s maybe too much information out there. People put it all on social media, and I don’t see how the music gains.’

One thing he’s happy to reveal is that he comes from the small Norwegian city of Moss, where ‘nothing happens, so you just do it yourself. There was no scene here, so we had to start from scratch’. The ‘we’ being his brother, with whom he creates contemporary art, runs various labels including Sex Tags Mania, Sex Tags Amfibia and Wania, and DJs in a style which builds on the bare bones of house and techno with fluid layers of glitch and disco.

‘People in the UK are usually diggers,’ he says, ‘that’s how they know us, even though it’s hard to because we don’t have proper distribution. The UK and Japan, but not in Norway – you get recognition here after you’re famous abroad. After the cheap flights and the internet music sounds the same everywhere, and this and the early closing hours affect the scene in Norway more than anything. I’m doing a three-hour set in Glasgow though, and I’ve heard a lot about the afterparties, so I’ll bring a lot of records. House, dub, disco, proper techno … maybe some jungle?’

Tribute at La Cheetah, Glasgow, Fri 10 Aug

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Representatives of Glasgow nights Stay Plastic, Pest Control, All Caps, Scrabble and Jelly Roll Soul team up for a club which will focus on the unique sound which Carl Craig once perfectly described as 'electronic funk'.

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