James Yorkston - I Was A Cat From A Book (4 stars)

James Yorkston - I Was A Cat From A Book

The folk troubadour's newest album is his first since 2008

A traditional folk songs collection, the publication of his tour diaries and the anniversary re-issue of his debut album have helped bridge the gap, but it’s been a long four years since James Yorkston’s last LP proper. The arrival of the Fife singer-songwriter’s fifth set feels something like the return of an old friend.

The serious illness of his daughter has occupied Yorkston’s attentions in the interim; 'I Was A Cat …' finds him trying to make sense of very human fears, angers and doubts with humour and grace. New accompanying musicians – including Sparrow & The Workshop’s Jill O’Sullivan on shuffling duet ‘Just As Scared’ and Cinematic Orchestra drummer Luke Flowers on frenetically cathartic closer ‘I Can Take All This’ – lend flair and warmth to another exceptional album from an artist who typifies the permanence of class.

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