Claire King noticed Hollyoaks inaccuracies

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  • 3 August 2012
Claire King in Hollyoaks

Claire King

Claire King - who previously played a prison officer in 'Bad Girls' has criticised the 'Hollyoaks' jail set for being inaccurate

Claire King has criticised the 'Hollyoaks' set for being inaccurate.

The actress has joined the soap to play a prison warden and admitted her previous experience as wing governor on 'Bad Girls' has given her a good understanding of the inside of a jail.

She said: "The noticeboards all had drawing pins. Certain things stick with you and you think, 'Wrong'.

"You wouldn't have that in prison - it's all stuck up with toothpaste."

However, Claire - who is best known for playing 'Emmerdale' superbitch Kim Tate - enjoyed the show, particularly her scenes with Myra McQueen (Nicole Barber-Lane).

She told The Sun newspaper: "It's great and Nicole was lovely.

"Despite all the long days and working weekends, she still has a smile on her face - but that's probably down to reading the book '50 Shades Of Grey'."

The 49-year-old actress admits finding work is harder as she gets older as the industry is "dead" to mature actors.

She added: "All of us girls are fighting for the same parts as there aren't that many for those in their forties and fifties.

"You are dead in this industry after 35, you start becoming a little bit more invisible. It just means you have to shout very loudly."

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