Kym Marsh isn't worried about drugs

'Coronation Street' actor Kym Marsh says her children will never take drugs, unlike her on-screen son Ryan

Kym Marsh

Kym Marsh

'Coronation Street' actor Kym Marsh says her children will never take drugs.

The actress plays Michelle Connor in the ITV1 soap and while her alter-ego's son, Ryan, has started taking illegal substances, Kym is confident she won't experience the same problems in real life.

Kym - who has children, David, 17, and 15-year-old Emily, from a previous relationship, as well as 16-month-old Polly with fiance Jamie Lomas - said: "I'm very lucky where my kids are concerned, it's not really in them. They're a bit like me in that sense.

"They don't like anybody smoking, they're just not into all that. So I don't believe that will ever be an issue for me."

The 36-year-old star believes her open relationship with David and Emily has helped them make sensible decisions.

She told TV Times magazine: "I think kids today know a lot more about drugs than we do and they're very aware of what they do.

"My children and I have a very open relationship and we talk a lot.

"I always say, 'Be a friend first and a parent when you need to be', and that's how I run our house.

"Kids need to trust you so they can feel they can talk to you. If you're too 'parenty' all the time, I think they're less likely to do that.

"So I'm very happy with the relationship we have, and I feel that no issue is taboo between us."


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