Kirsteen Macdonald

Alexander Kennedy talks to Kirsteen Macdonald about the ten-year anniversary show, Voluntary Action, at Stirling’s Changing Room

AK: Can you tell me about the tenth anniversary show?

KM: We decided that one very unique thing to celebrate about The Changing Room was its staff, so we invited them back to show their work. Around 30 artists/volunteers are taking part, including Stephen Murray, Amy Marletta, Sarah Forrest, Emma Hamilton, Bea Drysdale, Jenny Brownrigg and Stuart McGregor.

AK: How do you think Changing Room has changed over the last ten years?

KM: We’ve evolved and developed our programme over the years in response to the audience in Stirling and the artists we’ve worked with. The last five years have focussed on developing new audiences for contemporary art in the local area and building our reputation further afield through partnerships and collaborations. Gallery staff are constantly changing too and this brings new ideas, and builds the gallery’s network.

AK: How do you see the gallery developing in the next ten years?

KM: We’ve really outgrown the current venue and the temporary set-up we had from ten years ago, so we’re busy looking at other facilities in Stirling to allow us to continue to grow, and hopefully you’ll see an even more ambitious programme evolve over the next ten years.

Changing Room Gallery, Stirling, Sat 25 Aug–Sat 8 Sep.

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