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  • 23 August 2007
Hitlist - the best exhibitions


David Rokeby: Silicon Remembers Carbon Stunning new interactive multimedia work from David Rokeby. CCA, Glasgow, until Sat 15 Sep.

Roderick Buchanan: Histrionics A series of works, by Glasgow-based artist Roderick Buchanan, examining the city’s sectarian divide. Buchanan uses photography and film to demonstrate the similarities between both sides (Catholic and Protestant), using his own personal history as a way of understanding the long history of hate that still runs through the city. Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow, until Sun 28 Oct.

Sally Osborn: Oh Ha Hmm The Glasgow-based artist’s work explores painting from a sculptor’s perspective, and vice versa, where the qualities inherent in a material are used to complement and deconstruct the potential of another. Her work fluctuates between representation and abstraction, which mirrors her use of contrasting materials. Glasgow Sculpture Studios, Glasgow, until Sat 15 Sep.

Gurtler and Ewen: A Few Lucid Moments New work by JR Ewen and Olivia Gurtler, the duo behind the new gallery space at the SouthSide Studios. Gurtler’s work explores ‘action sets roughly put together, staging conflicts, motion and conflicting perspectives’ while Ewen’s fabric-based compositions take women’s costume as their inspiration, exploring the legacy of the shaped canvas. The Fridge Gallery, SouthSide Studios, Glasgow, Sat 25 Aug–Sun 2 Sep.

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