National Theatre of Scotland & Bank of Scotland join forces to support emerging theatre-makers

National Theatre of Scotland & Bank of Scotland join forces to support emerging theatre-makers

Bank of Scotland’s Emerge Programme at the National Theatre of Scotland 2012 to 2013 new artists announced.

The National Theatre of Scotland and Bank of Scotland announce today that four emerging artists and three emerging directors have been successful in their bid to join Scotland’s National Theatre company on a programme aimed at developing the talents of writers and directors.

The four emerging artists are: Eilidh Daniels, Catriona Lexy Campbell, Martin O’Connor and Adura Onashile. The three emerging directors are: Deborah Hannan, Rob Jones and Sarah Macdonald.

Committed to developing the emerging talents of writers, theatre-makers and directors in Scotland, the announcement follows the success of the partners’ 2011-2012 New Director Placement Programme and Emerging Artists Attachment Programme. This year, these two strands will now be brought together under the umbrella Emerge Programme. The Emerge Programme will support the artists by offering bespoke opportunities, including creating access to creative resources, giving time and money in order to allow them to fully concentrate and develop their work, in their chosen field.

Susan Rice, Managing Director, Lloyds Banking Group Scotland says: ‘Through Bank of Scotland’s Pioneering Partnership with the National Theatre of Scotland, we support the next generation of theatrical talent. We’re always excited when we meet one of these new directors or aspiring artists; for some, our support is the only way they can manage to continue learning and gaining experience. It’s truly gratifying to be part of their journey with this focus on emerging talent, which sits in the core of our multi year relationship with the National Theatre of Scotland’

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