The Unwinding Hours, King Tut’s, Glasgow, 23 July (5 stars)

The Unwinding Hours, King Tut’s, Glasgow, 23 Jul

TUH showcase new tracks from album Afterlives with latest single Break

Made up of former Aereogramme members, TUH are no strangers to the construction of huge soundscapes awash with ambient guitar echoes. Opening track ‘Knut’ builds steadily in intensity with cinematic drama, to the delight of the sold-out crowd. Like Mogwai before them, the band share a love of the structural dynamic and sedate guitar of the likes of Low and Godspeed You Black Emperor, but it’s the introduction of a soft vocal timbre akin to Loveless-era My Bloody Valentine that gives them a more distinct vibe among their peers.

Tonight is an opportunity for the band to showcase tracks from their forthcoming album Afterlives, with latest single ‘Break’ proving to thrive in this environment, receiving a welcome response from eager fans. Seamless orchestration juxtaposed with quiet lyrical desperation on songs such as ‘Tightrope’ from their 2010 self-titled debut album provides one of many awe-inspiring moments in a set littered with lush arrangements and powerful soaring melodies.

Part of King Tut’s Summer Nights.

The Unwinding Hours - Knut

The Unwinding Hours

The Unwinding Hours feature ex-Aereogramme members Craig B and Iain Cook in more reflective yet still powerful mode.

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