Com Truise: In Decay (3 stars)

Seth Haley's LP showcases demos, online tracks and unreleased materials

Com Truise: In Decay

(Ghostly International)

Compiled from demos, online tracks and unreleased material, Seth Haley’s most recent LP In Decay treads the same bass and synth heavy sinews of his prior releases — at times channelling the likes of Boards of Canada, as heard on ‘Open’, to twisted electronic funk and snails-pace disco on ‘Colorvision’.

For all its pomp and production, In Decay suffers somewhat from an identity crisis – as the New Jersey producer attempts to connect the dots between far too many synth and retrogressive themes, at times tiptoeing into krauted-out, Klaus Schulze territory all the way to 8-bit Nintendo signatures. The nature in which this collection of songs was compiled might explain its disjointed variation at times, but it’s still incredibly listenable.

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