Antony & the Johnsons: Cut the World (3 stars)

Antony & the Johnsons: Cut the World

(Rough Trade)

New album from Antony Hegarty backed by Danish National Chamber Orchestra

It’s Antony Hegarty, chamber-pop’s one and only Mercury Prize-winning, six-foot-four transgender Anglo-American with the voice of a fallen choirboy, live in concert in Copenhagen backed by the Danish National Chamber Orchestra. If that sounds like an alluring proposition to you then it will prove to be so, though as live albums go, Cut the World is more of the satisfying-stopgap-between-studio-releases variety than it is a compelling document of an artist in their performing prime.

Songs from across his four LPs to date feature with added dramatic symphonic flourish. ‘Future Feminism’ – an eight-minute speech explaining the theoretical framework behind Hegarty’s foundation of the same name, which espouses more matriarchal forms of governance - is a cringingly self-important drop-in, but does serve up some whimsical food for thought.

Antony - Future Feminism

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