Luca Venezia, aka Drop the Lime, gears up for gigs in Edinburgh and Glasgow

Luca Venezia, aka Drop the Lime, gears up for gigs in Edinburgh and Glasgow

Photo: Joss McKinley

The rockabilly-loving bass producer has his sights set on Sneaky Pete's

‘I’ve been asked to play bigger venues,’ says Luca Venezia, the rockabilly-loving bass producer from New York also known as Drop the Lime, ‘but any time I come to Edinburgh I only wanna play Sneaky Pete’s, because it’s ridiculous. It’s so small and it’s so wild, and I believe in continuing good relationships like the one I have with its owners.’

Although he now has a full band for the purposes of playing his latest album, a blend of dancefloor-friendly rockabilly called Enter the Night, which was released earlier this year, the solo DJ set Venezia is bringing to Scotland will concentrate on the ‘nite version’ of it he’s currently preparing, a series of club-friendly re-edits of the tracks therein. ‘I took more of a song-based approach with the album,’ he says, ‘because in electronic music right now, everyone’s imitating each other and everything’s sounding the same. So I went back to my roots, I decided to refresh my creativity by making what I love rather than imitating what’s popular.’

Despite the genre-specific nature of his latest project, choosing sounds from many sources is key to Venezia’s own style and that of his label Trouble & Bass. Upcoming collaborations include work with New York garage rockers Jailbait, a goth group called Creep and an EP with Bloody Beetroots. ‘Mix it up!’ he laughs. ‘It’s important to keep your influences open to more than one style.’

Coalition at Sneaky Pete’s, 225 1757, 5 Aug, 10.30pm-5am, £3 (Drop the Lime also plays Arches, Glasgow, Sat 4 Aug).

Drop The Lime - 'Hot As Hell' (Official Video)


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Drop the Lime

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1. ronnie2 Oct 2012, 7:49pm Report

interesting but NOT rockabilly music . Sneaky Petes is a student venue , so the guy loves rockabilly , interesting then that he does not name any Rockabilly clubs he has been to in Edinburgh .
Hmmmmmmm im not too sure about any of this , rockabilly is kinda fashionable at the moment , mainly with people who dont actually know a thing about it , trendy like , sorry just NOT impressed , I like the real thing .

2. ronnie24 Aug 2013, 7:21pm Report

I think this bloke is a bit of a phoney really .
Why does he not mention real rockin clubs like the Green Door club or hard core Rockabilly places like the Spiders web both of which are in Edinburgh and put on rock n roll stuff regularly. Sneaky Petes has never been associated with rock n roll ever , its a trendy student bar .

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