Let's Go Back . . . Way Back! Old Skool Weekender preview

Let's Go Back . . . Way Back! Old Skool Weekender preview

Justin Robertson

Nick 'Bosco' Stewart divulges the line-up for Scotland's first classic dance weekender

Although there’s a hint of the Southport Weekender in this brand new event from the promoters of Glasgow’s finest and most respected old-school club night, and also of last year’s inaugural edition of Yogi Haughton’s Scottish Soul Weekender in Dumfries, what’s being billed as Scotland’s first ever weekender dedicated to classic dance music takes its main inspiration from other sources.

‘We’re inspired by the clubs that made the acid house sound happen in 88, 89,’ says co-promoter Nick ‘Bosco’ Stewart. ‘Like Club 9 and Hooch in Edinburgh, the Sub Club in Glasgow when it was called Atlantis, and obviously the Hacienda. Ayr Pavilion was also a big favourite of mine, that’s why we’re holding it down there.’ Most of the names he’s mentioned are represented here, with Hooch’s own Haughton, the Sub Club’s Harri and special guest Justin Robertson, once of the Hacienda, all on the bill.

There will also be appearances at this planned annual event by the Tunnel’s Michael Kilkie and Pure’s DJ Dribbler, while a younger generation of Scots talent is represented with a disco backroom hosted by Supermax’s Billy Woods and Million Dollar Disco’s Al Kent, among others. ‘The key to who we’ve booked is that they’re as knowledgeable as they are talented,’ he says. ‘That matters more than age, that you’ve got a handle on how a dancefloor works, and DJs with 20 or 30 years’ experience know that better than anyone.’

The Station Hotel, Ayr, Sat 4 & Sun 5 Aug.

Let's Go Back … Way Back!

Old school house, rave and dance music from the genres' early days, with residents Bosco and Rob Mason.

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