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Bugged Out Classics

Bugged Out Classics

If any club night understands musical history and progression and has the right to be throwing the term around with reference to their work then it’s this mob. The arch hedonists behind Bugged Out are old enough to know better but young enough not to care.

The club has always had an exacting policy on good music and this three-disc set proves they ain’t no slouches. The first picks up on the more contemporary flappers, from Erol Alkan’s leathering take on Franz Ferdinand to Justice and Vitalic, through to some of that marvellous Detroit industrial minimalism. Disc two has Felix Da Housecat nuzzling Back Strobe and Funk D’Void while the third disc digs out the real big guns. ‘Da Funk’, ‘Flash’, ’ Music Sounds Better With You’, ‘Chemical Beats’ and ‘Positive Education’ aren’t exactly blowing the bloody doors off in the imagination stakes but after two discs of being up on your toes it’s good to kick back and whittle some with something completely familiar. If ‘classic’ means an album of barely a duffer from nearly 50 tracks? Then this is classic. (Mark Robertson)


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