Matt Smith 'learnt to live' with Doctor comparisons

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  • 29 July 2012
Matt Smith at the National Television Awards

Matt Smith

Matt Smith admits he has "learnt to live" with the idea he will never be every fan's favourite 'Doctor Who' actor

Matt Smith has "learnt to live" with comparisons to the other 'Doctor Who' actors.

The star - who is the eleventh actor to play the iconic role - admits he struggles to think of himself amongst a list of actors including John Pertwee and David Tennant and knows he can not be every fan's favourite inclination of the character.

He said: "It's par for the course, and something that you learn to live with and adapt to. People will have their favourites.

"For some people, it'll be Patrick. For some, Pertwee. For others, Tennant. For me, to even be mentioned on that list, that's enough of a thing - when you think about it, eleven actors!"

However, the 29 year old admits he did accept himself as the character very early on into the casting.

He added to Doctor Who magazine: "When did I accept myself? I had to do it very early on. Even in moments of self-doubt, you have to stick to your instincts and be convinced about them. There is no other way, you've got to have faith in your ability.

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